One of the in vitro scientific experiments of the Futura Mission 
of the italian Air Force captain, Samantha Cristoforetti .

The project's people 

PI, Livia Visai, Ph.D ( UNIPV, Pavia)

Co-PI, Angela Maria Rizzo, Ph.D ( UNIMI, Milano)

Co-PI, Giuseppina Rea, Ph.D (CNR-IC, Roma)

Industrial partner : Kayser Italy, Marco Vukich, Ph.D ( KI, Livorno) 

Project background

Microgravity (MG) significantly modifies the metabolism of bone tissue leading to site-specific alterations in the remodeling process causing an osteoporosis-like loss in bone mass and density. 
The project idea is focused on the development of a nanotechnology approach as a countermeasure to reduce MG-induced microgravity. RNA-Seq technique will be exploited to unravel gene expression remodeling in response to microgravity and nanoparticles exposure in order to identify new therapeutic targets for treating osteoporosis.

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